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Bookcliff, Mount Sopris and South Side Conservation Districts

Our Mission

The mission of the Conservation Districts is to provide leadership, encourage wise resource decisions, set standards, encourage stewardship and education cooperators, agencies, land users, and youth to conserve, improve and sustain our natural resources and the environment.

What is a Conservation District?

Conservation Districts are special districts under Colorado State Statute. There are 76 throughout Colorado. We have a Memorandum of Agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service and Colorado Department of Agriculture – Colorado State Conservation Board. Conservation district’s board of supervisors server as the grassroots voices for the local Agriculture and Conservation.

Bookcliff, Mount Sopris and South Side Conservation Districts have formed an association of Conservation Districts. They share staff and programing to service the needs of landowner and managers from Aspen to Parachute, Colorado. The Boards of Supervisors are made up of local landowners and managers.

Our Programs

Noxious Weed Cost Share

Conservation Practice Cost Share

No-Till Drill Rentals

Riparian Trailer

Seedling Sale: Due to nursery shortages we are unable to have a 2023 seedling sale