Meet the Team

Emily Schwaller, District Manager

Emily started with the Districts in August of 2020 she was born and raised in Carbondale, CO. She attending the University of Wyoming and earned a degree in Agricultural Communication with minors in General Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business. Current lives on Silt Mesa with her horses and other critters.

Mike Kishimoto, District Technician – Engineering

Mike has worked with the local landowners and producers for decades with both NRCS and the Conservation Districts. He currently works part time with the Conservation Districts and is the mastermind for our Conservation Practice Cost Share.

Jamie Kelly, District Technician – Noxious Weeds

Jamie started with the Districts in April of 2022. He is a Connecticut native and attended the University of Vermont earning a degree in Animal Science. He has previously worked for a Conservation District in Michigan and worked as a Animal Keeper with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.